Our goal is to provide each child with a safe and fun learning environment in which to develop skills in the sport they are participating in while promoting youth fitness and enjoyment. It is the desire of the Fieldhouse to provide an opportunity for all children to participate in youth sports if it is their wish to do so. Sports, by definition, are competitive; however, our facility will be a safe and fun place for players and families, as well as the basic skill building and good sportsmanship of each player. A "Win at all costs" attitude will not be embraced by anyone associated with the Fieldhouse.

Policy Overview / Objective To assist in building good ‘character’ in all of our children. The Fieldhouse feels it is the coaches and parents’ responsibility to teach all children proper character when accepting an official’s call, acting in a sportsman like manner at all times, only saying positive things to your teammates and opposing team members. There are far too many examples of parents and coaches getting caught up in winning and forget the game you are involved in belongs to the kid’s. Your child is watching your reaction. Think before you act.  
Guidelines to institute and enforce a “ZERO TOLERANCE” approach to poor behavior displayed by coaches, parents and spectators.
Zero Tolerance Rules:

1.  Nobody (not a parent, child, spectator, coach or assistant) may approach an official, scorekeeper, or gym supervisor to argue a call or play made. There is an established process to protest a game if a situation develops, the coach will handle this.

2.  Any actions, statements, or behavior by players, coaches, or spectators that are disrespectful to anyone present shall NOT be tolerated. This includes comments directed towards game officials relative to their decisions. Even casual comments such as “Awe, come on!” Or “That was a foul!” will be taken seriously and not tolerated.

3.  No individual is to say anything to opposing players unless it is a positive comment.

4. By coming to the Fieldhouse, you are agreeing to follow and that you understand the rules and guidelines of the Zero Tolerance Policy.
Violation of Rules

1. Anyone breaking any of the above rules and/or creating a scene will be asked by the game official(s) and/or the Fieldhouse supervisor to leave the game. At this point you must leave the court immediately.

2. The game will not continue until said person departs completely.

3. All other spectators are asked to refrain from comments directed at that person as it may result in their being asked to leave also. The Game Official and/or the Fieldhouse supervisor shall direct the situation.

4. Game Official and/or the Fieldhouse supervisor shall document the situation for review by the Fieldhouse management.

5. Upon review by the Fieldhouse, further penalties may apply such as a one game suspension or banned for the entire season.  

6. Serious cases may include being banned from playing at the Fieldhouse permanently.


1.   Questionable calls may be made and as adults, it is our responsibility to teach the kids to react with good sportsmanship and play on.

2.    Disrespectful conduct teaches poor sportsmanship to the players.

3.    First and foremost, coaches should be teaching the players by example.

4.   If a coach makes comments about fouls, the kids on his team will learn to do the same thing.

5.   Parents should take the responsibility to speak to the coach or talk to a supervisor if they don’t like the behavior of any coach.


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