The Fieldhouse Sportscenter is excited to announce the addition of 3 on 3 Basketball leagues to our schedule.  

This will be a great way to get a few friends and teammates together and play some basketball.

Please see the rules below and give us a call at 417-889-9999 to register your team or if you are an individual (7th grade and above) and are wanting to be placed on a team, let us know. 

Cost is $50 per player (minimum of 3 players and a max of 5 on the roster) - please make sure that you read the rules, as these will be followed throughout the season. 

All divisions will be played on Monday nights during the Back To School session, starting August 28 2017!


-No swearing, taunting or other inappropriate verbal or physical behavior. Unsportsmanlike play can result in: 1) warning; 2) 2-minute sitting out; (ref discretion) and/or 3) ejection from the game, the evening or the entire league (site director discretion).

- Coaching will be allowed for 3rd-6th grade, 7th grade and above no coaches allowed on the bench.

- Games will be played on half-court.

- Games are 20-minute running time. 3rd – 6th grade will be allowed 1 (30 sec) timeout, Time outs are not allowed 7th grade and above..

-Ball Size:  3rd-6th grade: 28.5

                  7th-Varsity girls: 28.5

                    7th-Varsity boys: regular men’s ball

- All players need completed liability waivers signed by a parent on file and be on the roster in order to participate. Subs are not allowed to play without this waiver on file also. Unlimited substitution after made baskets or when ball is not in play

- A team MAY play with only 2 players. (3 on 2) If a team chooses to play with subs (non-rostered players), the game will be reffed and scored. However, the game will be recorded as a forfeit: 10 – 0. Maximum number of players on a team is 5 rostered players, this includes ALL subs.

- Scoring: 2 points per basket inside the arc. 3 points per basket outside the arc.

- Free Throws: One shot will be given to a player who is fouled in the act of shooting. A missed free throw is a live ball (unless it is an air ball). Players should line up per regular foul shot attempt. A free throw is worth 2 points. (*3 points for a 3 pointer, 1 point after a made basket)

- Bonus Free Throws: One shot (worth 2 points) will be given to a player fouled on the fifth foul and all subsequent fouls by the opponent. There is no double-bonus.

- Intentional fouls (no matter the time of the game) will result in 2 points PLUS the ball.

- If unnecessary or excessive fouls occur, the ref may impose a technical foul (2 points plus the ball.)

- Players have 6 seconds to shoot a free throw once the teams are lined up.

- Following a made basket or dead ball, the other team can check the ball anywhere above the top of the key. (an imaginary line that runs from sideline to sideline above the key)

- Both feet and the ball must go above the top of the key at a change of possession.

- A ball that goes out of bounds under the basket is checked in at the top of the key, a ball that goes across half court is out of bounds.

- Defense gets all jump balls.

- 3 seconds in the lane. Refs will issue reminders. Excessive violations will result in a turn-over.

- A defensive rebound must be taken past the top of the key (this includes air balls). There are no "free backs".

- No stalling. There will be a ref’s discretion 30-second shot clock. Failure to shoot in a 30-second period will result in loss of possession.

- No dunking during warm-ups or games. This may result in game or league ejection of player.

- "Paper, rock, scissors" (PRS) will determine which team gets the ball first. The court monitor assigned to your court will monitor PRS, ref your game, and record the outcome with the official scorekeeper.  The HOME team must provide a scorekeeper for the entire game. This scorekeeper CANNOT coach and/or yell from the score table or they will be asked to leave.

- Ties will be settled with a sudden death free-throw shootout. Each team receives equalopportunities to shoot free throws until one team makes one and the other misses. New shooter each time.

- Uniforms are required (this can be matching t-shirt or jersey) – please make sure you have alternate colors for games – ex: if you have a red t-shirt, please also have a black t-shirt so that teams do not duplicate colors for the games or provide your team with pennies – ALL UNIFORMS MUST HAVE A NUMBER.

- At the end of the games, it is good sportsmanship to shake hands with your opponents.

- Help to keep the facility clean. Please, pick up your garbage.

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