We know that during this time of uncertainty, it is extremly important for us to all do our part in keeping everyone safe. The Fieldhouse has put together the following guidelines based on City, County and other organizations across the Nation on how we will conduct the business of youth basketball and volleyball in our facility. These processes will help insure that we are doing our part to keep all the teams and spectators as safe as we can. We have added Hand Sanitizer dispensers outside every court as well as in the common area. In addition to the following, our officials and employees will also be helping during games to sanitize properly and we will rely on teams and spectators to help in this process by following the below guidelines.


Our main goal is to make sure The Fieldhouse is helping to keep everyone safe that is coming through our doors, we have done everything possible to make sure that we are following the guidelines based on the information that we have been given. The following guidelines are based on the information that has been given and will become effective June 15th, 2020.


Between game procedures

Dr Pepper doors will be the entrance for PIA and Dr P -- PIA doors will be the exit for PIA and DR P .. all spectators/teams will exit the building immediately out the community room doors

Hiland will be the entrance for Hiland and Price Cutter - Price Cutter doors will be the exit for Hiland and PC… all spectators/teams will exit the building immediately out the East doors.

Teams will need to conduct any post game talk outside the facility

Spectators and teams will not be let in until court has been sanitized.

Spectators and teams are encouraged not to show up super early, as we do not want a lot of congregating in the common area before/between games.

If teams have a double header, they will be asked to exit the facility and re-enter before going to their next game - this also applies to coaches and players that are coaching and playing for multiple teams.


During Games

-    No handshakes, high fives, each team can yell good game to the other team at the end of the game. 

-    During timeouts - players should sit on the bench or stand near - no huddle up, keep distance



-     Number of spectators per team - 40 (teams will need decide before that time comes) *players and coaches do NOT count, this is only those that will be sitting and watching the games.

-     Water fountains will be marked off - please bring separate water bottles for each player.

-    Each team is responsible for only bringing 2 basketballs for warmups, additional balls will need to be kept in player bag - suggest not allowing the players to bring. 

- Refrain from bringing siblings and young children, if children do come they have to sit on the bleachers with the parent/adult - no running around common area, vending games will be closed.



Concessions will be limited

No pizza, No popcorn, No hot dogs, No pretzels


We will have Fountain drinks, bottle drinks, pre-packaged foods only - please plan accordingly.



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